Following the launch of Let’s Go See, we have now signed distribution contracts with the following global channels giving us access to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.

Wizz Explore(UK)
Ameba TV (Canada)
Binge Networks (US)
Hungama (India)

We have employed and industry leading marketing agency to raise our profile and continue to focus on fundraising which will allow us to create more content and increase the game-ability of our App. In parallel we are engaging with a number of leading, global distribution channels, an engagement that will grow as we raise funds and create more content.



Plane Characters Productions launched the Let’s Go See brand at the KidScreen Expo in February 2021. Following an initial ‘digital first’ strategy, we are currently engaged in distribution talks with a number of leading, global digital distribution channels, who between them offer content to 1 in 3 children worldwide.
Following extensive testing of our App by educational experts, we have been awarded ‘Five Stars’ but the Educational App Store and been accepted to feature in Dr Amanda Gummer’s Good App Guide.
To fund the new content, Plane Characters Productions have launched a second, EIS pre-approved round of fundraising, details of which can be found on our Investors page.



It was always an ambition of Rob and Mike to animate the story books. Animation is a very different business to publishing and this led to the formation of Plane Characters Productions Limited.
After a successful oversubscribed round of fundraising, Plane Characters Productions started to work with professional animators, script writers and licensing experts on the production of the animated series Lets Go See along with its associated children’s app and website.
Two episodes were released in 2020 along with music and dance videos and an augmented reality App with plans to produce twelve or more additional episodes each year. The success of the animations and the income generated will fund more animations, storybooks, App content and associated merchandising opportunities.



After extensive testing by educational professionals and families with children the Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly storybooks we’re chosen to feature in Dr Amanda Gummers Good Toy Guide, an honour only achieved by the highest quality products.



Captain Rob Johnson teamed up with entrepreneur Mike Midgen to form Plane Characters Limited, a company specifically set up to publish the Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly adventure stories.

Over the next couple of years Plane Characters created, illustrated and marketed eight paperback ‘Amazing Adventures of Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly books whilst engaging with schools and children’s charities to inspire young explorers. They also produced bespoke children’s activities for major airlines and international airports.

Book sales at the end of 2019 were approaching 85,000 units.



When his children were young, Captain Rob Johnson started to make up bedtime stories with them about his travels. The stories evolved to be not only entertaining but educational and inspirational, an ethos that the work of Plane Characters Production’s embraces today.



Captain Rob Johnson achieved his lifetime dream and became a commercial airline pilot. Since then he has travelled to all four corners of the world meeting extraordinary people and experiencing different cultures and traditions.